Logotipo del Museo Patio Herreriano


The “Museo Patio Herreriano” owns a collection of contemporary Spanish art from 1918 to the present day. Its main functions are to exhibit and study the contemporary art through specific projects and programs of temporary exhibitions, as well as to become a reference and vital tool for that study and diffusion on an international level. The museum is housed in one of the cloisters of the ‘Monasterio de San Benito’, a Renaissance work by Juan de Ribero Rada. The architects of the museum have restored the cloister in an exemplary way, providing the historic building with the most accurate interventions that give the enclosure austerity and clarity, compatible with its necessary functionality.

This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the City Council of Valladolid and the “Asociación Colección Arte Contemporáneo”. Thanks to this private collection, that was created in 1987 and that handed over its funds for free, this project could be realized. The City Council in turn provided the museum with a building and the necessary resources and created the “Fundación Patio Herreriano” in order to manage it. The Patio Herreriano developed a service for the citizens by preserving and increasing its artistic heritage and by teaching and seducing its visitors at the same time.

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