Logotipo del Museo Patio Herreriano


The collection of the museum Patio Herreriano has its roots in the funds of the “Colección Arte Contemporáneo”'. Its formation follows a historic criterion which allows the follow-up of the most important artists and tendencies of the Spanish Contemporary art in the 20th and 21st century. The chosen point of view respects the succession of the important events in Spanish art in these centuries. With its new housing in the museum, the collection now has the possibility to show itself permanently through the diverse fields that are representative for this particular historical view. The variation of works of art in the showrooms assigned to the permanent collection allows to show the diverse nuances of which the story of the development of contemporary art in Spain consists. This historic review, realized since 1987 with the creation of the “Colección Arte Contemporáneo” now has the opportunity to provide a context for itself through new temporary exhibitions that in the museum spaces co-exist with the settings assigned to the permanent collection.

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